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Practical mastitis solutions & training

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Udderwise is a veterinary consultancy specialising in practical mastitis solutions and tailor made training for the dairy industry throughout the world. Udderwise provides a personal service with a small number of clients that delivers value and is based on long term relationships. 


Owned by Peter Edmondson, a dairy vet specialising in mastitis and milk quality with extensive international experience.


Services include;

  • Practical mastitis solutions and monitoring for; cell count, clinical mastitis, Bactoscan and medicine residues.

  • Training ~ tailor made mastitis and milk quality training.

  • Legal expert witness ~ legal expert witness work and assessment of claims

  • Pharmaceutical industry ~ training, technical expertise, product support, troubleshooting and marketing input

  • Dairy management support ~ supporting farmers to achieve long term goals 


​UdderWise is committed to transferring skills to the developing world and gives up at least one month each year to help develop dairying in countries including Ethiopia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Peter Edmondson lives in rural South West England with his family and collection of animals including dogs, cats, horses, sheep & chickens.

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