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Dairy Farmers


Mastitis and Cell Count problems

We offer practical solutions to mastitis and milk quality problems as well as ongoing follow-up, advice and monitoring. We can help everyone from the small family farm of 100 cows in the UK to large super dairies with over 20,000 cows in the Middle and Far East.

​Mastitis investigations always involve a farm visit with fees agreed in advance.

We need to understand your mastitis problems and what steps have already been taken. Data, laboratory resutls and information will be analysed before each visit. We will carry out a full assessment of your herd (environment, dry cow treatments and management, mastitis treatment, data and laboratory test results, milking equipment, SOPs and treatment plans and miliing routine). We spend time in the parlour carrying out a range of observations and tests.

The mastitis issues with be discussed so you fully understand what the problems are and why they are occurring. Practical solutions are agreed with you so that they fit in with farm management to achieve long term goals. This often requires staff and management training and drawing up SOPs (standard operating procedures). You get a written report and follow up advice, support and training to achieve your long-term mastitis targets. Follow up visits will be arranged as necessary.

Consultancy to dairy farmers

We have built up long term relationships with dairy farmers in the UK and overseas who we advise on a regular basis. We have become an integral part of the farm team and work with owners, management and staff to achieve their long term goals. Areas of input are diverse and have included SOPS, staff training, staff  motivation, management structures, strategic planning etc.


We have formed strong and trusted partnerships and our external views and overview into farm performance and strategic is considered invaluable.

We work with groups of large dairies in Zimbabwe and Slovakia visiting regularly and providing support from a distance. On the right is the Red Dane Dairy team in Zimbabwe who are milking over 800 cows.

Peter Edmondson & Red Dane Farm team Zimbabwe
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