Mastitis and Cell Count problems

Peter works with farmers to sort out mastitis and milk quality problems. There is no reason why any herd should not have a herd cell count under 150, less than 30 cases of mastitis per 100 cows per year or a Bactoscan under 30.


​Mastitis problems always involve a farm visit involving your vet. Fees are always agreed before any visit. Data and information will be requested and analysed prior to any visit such as individual cell count data, mastitis records, bacteriology results, milking machine test reports etc.

During the visit, Peter will spend time getting to understand your mastitis management.  He will carry out a full assessment of the herd including the environment and will spend significant time in the parlour carrying out a range of observations and tests which might include teat scoring, dynamic parlour testing depending on the problem being addresses.

A practical solution is required, and the aim is never to add time to workload. Peter will encourage you to stop tasks or products if they do not have any value. Suggestions for solving the problem will be explained, discussed and agreed so they work for your system. You will get a written report. Peter will follow up actions to achieve your long-term mastitis targets.

Dairy Farmers

Consultancy to dairy farmers

Peter has built up long term relationships with dairy farmers in the UK and overseas who he advises on a regular basis. He has become an integral part of the farm team and works with owners, management and staff to achieve their goals. Areas of input are diverse and have included staff motivation, management structures, strategic planning etc.


This has formed strong and trusted partnerships and an outside overview of farm performance, strategic planning and capital expenditure is considered invaluable.

Peter also works with a group of five large dairy farmers in Zimbabwe visiting every four months and staying in touch in between so there is excellent continuity. On the right is a photo of the Red Dane Dairy Farm team in Zimbabwe who are milking over 800 cows.

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