Legal expert witness

Peter Edmondson has been carrying out legal expert work for over 25 years. Holds the Cardiff University Bond Solon

expert witness training qualification. Works to CP35 standards. Instructed by lawyers, loss adjusters and insurance companies. 

  • Ability to explain complex, technical issues in terms that are readily intelligible to non-experts.

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Cardiff University Bond Solon trained expert

  • Author of books, magazine articles and specialist publications

Acts on all cattle related areas and has extensive experience from 35 years in 

dairy vet practice including;

  • Mastitis, cell counts, bactoscan and milk quality

  • Milking machines

  • Robotic milking

  • Fertility

  • Diseases ~ Johnes Disease, Leptospirosis, IBR, BVD etc

  • Poisoning ~ feed and water

  • Professional negligence

  • Personal injury

Legal services include;

  • Claimants, Defendant and Single joint expert (SJE)

  • Preliminary reports and investigation prior to litigation




'Mr Edmondson has extensive experience of the dairy industry and herd health. He is a thorough and thoughtful man and impressed me as listening carefully to and answering directly questions put to him'. (Extracts from judgement summary, Bristol Crown Court)

'Mr Edmondson takes a practical, commonsense based approach to his work, identifying and focusing on points relevant to the legal issues at stake. His reports are written in clear concise terms with all points clearly explained and backed up with reference to evidence and data presented in a user-friendly, tabulated form. He has the ability to explain complex, technical issues in terms that are readily intelligible to non-experts.' (Clyde and Co)



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Hill Farm Withial Hill

West Pennard

Shepton Mallet

Somerset BA4 6UF, UK