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Mastitis, medicine residues & milk quality training

Comments from individuals we have recently trained;

'Excellent speaker, practical advice, very informative and confidence building'

'Mastitis, a mammoth topic, but now more manageable'

'Enjoyable and extraordinarily useful training'

'Practical and very useful, delivered extremely well'

Peter Edmondson is a popular trainer who uses interactive learning with small groups of people and prefers to use a flip chart and practical learning tools to engage people.

Roger Blowey is a dairy vet with immense practical experience and is joint trainer on the Robotic Milking and Mastitis Seminar.

Owen Atkinson is a dairy vet from Dairy Veterinary Consultancy is joint trainer on the NEW Investigating Bulk Tank Failure Seminar.

All training is tailor made. You decide the learning objectives, we create a draft training programme which is discussed, finalised, fees agreed and then delivered.


The best way to learn is not by listening but by doing. Most training involves theory followed by problem solving to reinforce learning. Training also has to be be fun. Peter has a great sense of humour and creates a stimulating and relaxed environment.

We have been running the a three day practical 'Mastitis Control and Quality Milk Production Seminar' since 1992 and runs a range of other courses on mastitis and milk quality topics.

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